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Taxi Support Services

Along with self-employment support services our package offers taxi drivers support with their online licensing responsibilities.

We assist taxi drivers with:

  • Taxi Driver’s License (TDL),
  • Taxi Vehicle License (TVL)
  • Taxi Operator License (TOL).
  • This can be a separate service if SA Returns are completed elsewhere.

We have bespoke training courses to assist people to become taxi drivers and achieve their goals of employment.

Clients receive information, materials and support to assist them in passing the taxi theory test.

Taxi driving lessons prepare clients for the taxi driving test.

Then clients are assisted and managed with their online processes.

Taxi Support Services

We offer assistance to taxi drivers for various licensing responsibilities including Taxi Driver’s License (TDL), Taxi Vehicle License (TVL), and Taxi Operator License (TOL).

Taxi Driver Training Courses

A tailored training course is available to help individuals become taxi drivers. The theory test, driving lessons and support is offered for online processes related to taxi licensing.

Self Employment Services

We assist taxi drivers, hairdressers, tatoo artists, barbers, dog groomers, cleaners, beauticians, plumbers, electricians and a variety of professions to maintain their self-employment.

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