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About Us

Community Orientated Organization – Self Employment Services
Eamonn O'Donnell North West Taxi Proprietors Ltd
Eamonn O'Donnell - NWTP - Trainer
Welfare Rights Advisor - NWTP Derry
Welfare Rights Advisor - NWTP
Accountant North West Taxi Proprietors Ltd
Accountant - NWTP

Who We Are

North West Taxi Proprietors Ltd

Established in October 1998, North West Taxi Proprietors, based in Derry, began as a cross-community consortium aimed at addressing challenges within the taxi industry. Over the years, our focus has expanded, and we have evolved into a community-oriented organization, successfully delivering numerous projects.

Currently, our expertise lies in areas such as self-employment guidance, understanding work-related benefits, tax consultancy for the self-employed, taxi licensing and taxi driver training. Our dedicated team comprises an Accountant and a Welfare Rights Advisor who provide comprehensive support. Beyond the taxi sector, we’ve curated self-employment support services tailored for a diverse audience. Our offerings include back-to-work programs, training initiatives, advocacy services, and technical solutions for various challenges. We assist individuals in accessing work-related benefits annually, promoting social equity. Furthermore, our influence and services now extend to regions as distant as Belfast.

Our office, in The Rath Mor Centre (upstairs) has been our home for over 20 years. We have helped over 500 people to access self-employment through projects aimed at developing and sustaining local jobs. We use a holistic approach that offers advice, help, support, and technical assistance to develop and sustain self-employment, social economy enterprises and local services.

Taxi Support Services

We offer assistance to taxi drivers for various licensing responsibilities including Taxi Driver’s License (TDL), Taxi Vehicle License (TVL), and Taxi Operator License (TOL).

Self Employment Services

We assist hairdressers, barbers, dog groomers, cleaners, beauticians, plumbers, electricians, taxi drivers and others working in a variety of professions to maintain their self-employment.

Taxi Driver Training Courses

A tailored training course is available to help individuals become taxi drivers. The theory test, driving lessons and support is offered for online processes related to taxi licensing.

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